Tattoos involve etching different kinds of dyes, inks, or pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

1. Can you remove tattoos?

Derma-Care uses Nd:YAG laser (Pico zoom) to remove tattoos. 532 nm tackles the red and green pigment. 1064 nm tackles the black pigment.

To reduce the pigment in tattoos by 70 percent, the patient should attend a minimum of four sittings

2. What is the procedure to remove tattoos?

The procedure, followed at Derma-Care, to remove tattoos are as follows:

  • Applying a topical anaesthesia cream over the tattoo and leaving it for 45 minutes.
  • Targeting the laser light on the tattoo.
  • The scab formed, post laser, falls off in a week’s time.
  • Wait for six weeks to see the results.
  • Attend repeat sessions after a gap of six weeks.

3. What are the side-effects of tattoo removal?

The age of the tattoo determines the number of sessions required for tattoo removal. Tattoos that are less than a year old requires fewer sessions than tattoos that are older than a year. After completing the tattoo removal sessions, a small ghost of the tattoo will remain at the part. The procedure causes minimal pain and is bearable.

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