Frequently Asked Questions

How long should sunscreen be applied after laser therapy?
Sunscreens with an SPF of at least 50 should be applied during the entire course of laser therapy and for three months after the last laser session.
Will all acne disappear after Qsw laser and Peel?
Certainly not. There will be remarkable reduction in the acne, the inflammation and pigmentation after both therapies especially when done together. The acne will remain suppressed for several months following the treatments as the disrupted and dysfunctional sebaceous glands remain incapable of causing moderate to severe acne. This will be far superior to application of creams and consumption of tablets which is the standard treatment available in most dermatology clinics.
How effective is the UltraPulse from Lumenis for acne scars?
The results are wonderful and achieved in a single session. Till now, plastic surgeons and dermatologists were at a loss to treat these. There are just half a dozen of this laser in India which is the only certified USFDA approved laser for burn scars.
What skin care should be taken after treatment?
If the laser is ablative and wounds the skin then it would take a week for skin regeneration. Patient will have to stay indoors for the period of time and after that they should use sunscreen and make-up. They can bleach their skin if they want to. In non-ablative lasers like Helios and Soprano Hair removing laser, patients can go to the office the same day. Again sunscreen should be used and application of make-up is optional. There is no restriction in the use of soaps and cologne.
Does shaving the hairs prior to the use of laser therapy thicken hair growth?
Answer is emphatic “No”. When shaved hairs regrow they appear thicker as the edges are not worn out. Over a period of months wear and tear thins out any hair, besides threading and waxing cannot be done prior to laser as hair follicles are removed and bleaching renders the laser less effective as diode laser light seeks out black pigment. Therefore hairs which are left intact always show the best response.
Are lasers painful?
During the procedure patients may feel mild stinging sensation. If tolerance levels are less, then the use of topical anesthetic and zimmer cooler which blows cold air reduces the discomfort to minimal levels.
What are the side effects?
The only worrisome side effect is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation especially in women with dark skin. This hyperpigmentation is a transient phenomenon and disappears in a short period of time. Sunlight and ultraviolet light are major stimulants of pigmentation which is why sunscreen protection is mandatory. There are no problems involved in performing lasers in pregnant women and there is no age limit in any type of lasers.
What about the costs and admission?
Admission is not required for any laser as all lasers are performed in the setting of a day care centre and the costs may vary depending on the type of laser work and the extent of involvement. Pricing details are best discussed telephonically, by mail or by personal meeting.