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Dr. Hema Mallya

Dr. Hema Mallya is a consultant obstetrician and Gynecologist practicing independently in Mangalore.Dr. Hema Mallya is one of well known Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Mangalore

Apart from medical, surgical and pregnancy management, she specializes in assessment and therapy of hormone related hirsutism and diet counseling of polycystic ovary disease for weight reduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Postanal Exercises - I have had a caesarean section last month. How soon can I resume my workout regimen?
Post caesarean section, it is advisable for a patient to avoid any strenuous workout for the next 12 weeks. But, you could resume exercises like brisk walking 6 weeks post-delivery. Basically, the idea is to avoid any strain on the abdominal muscles till the healing process is complete.
LDR - What is painless labour?
Painless labour or epidural anaesthesia during labour is an injection in the back that numbs the nerves and stops you from feeling any pain. Epidural allows you to rest if your labour is prolonged. It allows you to stay awake and in case the labour heads for an emergency caesarean section, the same anaesthesia will hold good. It helps women have a more positive birth experience.
FIBROID REMOVAL / MYOMECTOMY - What is myomectomy?
It is the surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus without taking out the healthy tissue. It is recommended for women who wish to have children after treatment for fibroids or wish to retain their uterus for other reasons.
How do I take care of myself post myomectomy?
~ Maintain a diet high in protein + iron ~ Four weeks rest should suffice and patient can go about normal activities, but avoid lifting heavy weights for 12 weeks post-surgery.