Open Pores

Pores are the openings of the sebaceous or oil glands present underneath the skin.

Pores are the ducts of the oil glands that allows the skin to breathe. The pores appear larger if the ducts are clogged with bacteria, oil, or dead skin cells. Additional causes for enlarged pores are:

  • Reduction of collagen due to aging
  • Sun damage

1. How can you prevent pores?

You can prevent pores by:

  • Wearing sunscreen everyday
  • Not scrubbing your face too often
  • Using mild non-comedogenic face wash
  • Washing and moisturizing your skin post face wash
  • Avoiding oil-based makeup that can clog the pores
  • Treating saggy skin that makes the pores look bigger

2. How does Derma-Care treat open pores?

Derma-Care treats open pores using the following techniques:

  • Nano-radiofrequency
  • Pico QSW Laser
  • Chemical peeling with Microdermabrasion
  • Fillers to stretch the skin and reduce size of open pores