My experience in DERMA–CARE has been useful and educative. I learned how a premier Cosmetology Institute is managed daily .It was my privilege shadowing under the guidance of Dr. Ganesh Pai .He is an extremely hardworking gentleman, sharp, witty, meticulous in procedures and patient care.

Regarding the other dedicated staff working there, I found them high skilled, hardworking, highly loyal, courteous and compassionate to patients.

I wish derma care and their staff all god’s blessings and success.

Dr. Susan Abraham
P.O.BOX:1, A.M.H Bahrain.
E-mail: susanabram@yahoo.com | Phone: 39255155

To start I had a great experience at Derma care. It has been a true learning experience; practical workshops have added the experience .I am very grateful to Dr.Ganesh Pai and his team for conducting such a valuable programme. I personally found Dr.Pai’s so sincere, humble and friendly and you ca n easily connect with him. He is an excellent teacher when it comes to teaching and he teaches in such a manner that all your basics get clear and at the same he is very approachable learned a lot of new things and procedures with word class F.D.A approved machines like Helios III, Ultra pulse, Soprano ice , Alma lasers , Scarlet.

Special thanks to Dr.Anusha Pai and Dr. Harsha Pai for making everything so easy for me and I always felt at home. Dr.Anusha is a real sweetheart and now I can say I have got a great friend in Mangalore, love you heaps Anusha!

My journey would have been incomplete without the loving support of derma care staff whom I shared lot of laughter and great times together .They were very supportive and knowledgeable.

I wish luck, prosperity and happiness to Derma care. Will Be Back soon

Mrs. Nilu Taore,
Owner of Avana cosmetic and laser clinics, Auckland, New Zealand.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Ganesh Pai and team for providing excellent training in dermatology, and various laser procedures and dermatosurgery in July 2013. Apart from Laser hair reduction and tattoo removal I also learnt more procedures including dermabrasion, chemical peels, derma roller and acne scar revision using ultra pulse. Dr Pai is an excellent teacher and Dermatologist and not many consultants would offer trainee in their private practice consultation room and OT but Dr Pai seems to do this effortlessly and infact enjoy having one.

It was certainly a unique lifetime experience for me and I am pretty optimistic that the experience and skills I have gained would go long way in my career. I must not forget to mention the quality time I spend with Dr Pai in between the patients discussing about where the future of dermatology is going globally and brain storming the ideas in cosmetology which could literally change your life. Once again, I am thankful to this golden opportunity given to me by Dr Ganesh Pai and his team for looking after us.

Dr Ankush Gupta
MBBS, DRCOG, DFSRH, MRCGP (UK), FRACGP 51, Ruthergen Circle, Kinross WA 6028, AUSTRALIA
E-mail: drankushgupta@yahoo.co.uk

I like to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Dr. Ganesh S .Pai sir who taught me the various cosmetic procedures like Chemical Peels of various types, Micro-dermabrasion, Radiofrequency, Dermaroller, Filler and Soprano Diode laser for hair removal and at the same time the uses of Helios Fractional Q-Switch 1064/532, Ultrapulse Fractional Co2 lasers, Candela 1450 diode laser in various pigmentary disorders and scar removal. During this two weeks of training program with him I not only learnt how to do procedure and therapeutics but how to do it in a right way and different from others and manage complications.

I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai sir, for his valuable guidance, advice, and motivation at every single stage of this training program not only as a great teacher but also being a friend to make us more comfortable during training. Sir is a good administrator with excellent communicative skill and sense of humour is outstanding.

I would also like to thank Dr. Harsha S. Pai son of Dr. Ganesh S Pai sir who is a well-known and highly experience Ophthalmologist in Mangalore, for giving new vision to my eyes.

He has a very good team of dedicated staffs with him. They were very cooperative and made my stay here very comfortable and memorable. I want to say thanks to Sujatha, Sowmya, Amitha, Anil, Neethu, Shoba, Shuba, Oliver and Leelavathi all the staff of Derma-Care.

I would strongly recommend this training program to Derma-Care to all young upcoming dermatologists to shape up their career. I wish every success to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai sir who put the cosmetic dermatology in a new height.

Dr. Nitesh Raj Pokharel
MD, Dermatology, G.P.O. Box-3897, Kathmandu, NEPAL
E-mail: nitesh064@gmail.com | Phone: 00977-9841338455; 00977-1-4429107

I like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai who taught me the various cosmetic procedures like MCD, Filler, Chemical Peels of various types, R.F and Laser hair removal and at the same time the uses of lasers in various pigmentary disorders and scar removal.

It is great for me to learn from him. His hospitality and dealings with the patient and their attendants, feelings for the poor and local patients and sense of humour is outstanding. At the same time he is a good administrator. I like him. The staffs of Derma-Care are very helpful and friendly. I want to say them “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”. I wish every success to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai who put the cosmetic dermatology in a new height. Thanking You

Dr. Gazi Md. Matiur Rahman
Jr. Consultant, Dept. of Dermatology ,Comilla Medical College and Hospital ,Comilla,BANGLADESH
E-mail: gmrahman21@gmail.com | Phone: 8801711448109

I thank Dr. Ganesh Pai sir for the excellent training he has given me and boosted my self confidence. My purpose of training was only on laser, but after comng here I had an overall development not only in academics but also as a human being.

I am delighted to express my sincerest thanks to Prof. Ganesh S. Pai for his excellent training on cosmetic dermatology and laser. My knowledge and thinking’s are in a new height now, especially the use of different types of chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, derma-roller, filler, phototherapy and hair removal, pigment-removal and scar-removal lasers (in latest and branded machines).

Now I am confident enough that I can do these procedures and will give a lot to my career as well as to the society in the forthcoming days. Dr. Ganesh S. Pai is a man of great personality, sense of humour and hospitality. Our accommodation in Trade Center is also excellent. I must congratulate sir for taking the cosmetic dermatology in a popular height. I would also like to thank the staffs of Derma-Care for their friendly and sincere co-operation. I wish a healthy prosperous long-life for sir.

Dr. Nishith Ranjan Dey
Assistant Prof. of Dermatology, Chittagong Medical College ,BANGLADESH
E-mail: nishithranjan2021@gmail.com | Phone: 8801711436825, 8801835495051

There are a lot of dermatologists and a lot of teachers, but to find a combination of both is rare--especially one who selflessly wants to share his trade secrets with you! Judging by the other testimonials, one can see that he is special. For me, he put Mangalore on the map--since I didn't know of its existence before I began my training with him. His patience is commendable. To have a stranger follow you around for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and interrogate you is by itself a daunting task. But this is basically what each and every trainee did to him on a daily basis, myself included.

He taught us about clinical (or office) dermatology, chemical peels, lasers, and how to get rid of moles, scars, and tattoos. However, none of this is important--neither is whether we continue with cosmetic dermatology or not--compared to what he taught us about humanity.

What we encountered in our time in Mangalore were life lessons from a unique individual, a teacher of teachers, a charitable human being who not only helps patients both physically and emotionally, but also shares his time, influence, and hard earned money helping animals through an animal shelter. (This is a little known secret). He also does speaking tours nationally almost every weekend and two to three international tours a year. And, if that wasn't enough, when he's not busy, he writes fiction! How's that? One may even call him "the Father of Cosmetic Dermatology" in this part of the world. His family and his staff from the Derma Care centre are praiseworthy in their own right and are very supportive of him. But then again, who wouldn't be anyway?

All in all, it was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I will cherish it whether I blossom like the others or not; I can definitely say that I had a blast! So, long live Dr. Pai and his amazing Derma Care staff, who bend over backwards to help you. Please note that you are all invited to visit me in Vancouver, Canada where I live with my husband and three children. Love you all and thanks again for the memories!

Dr. Mandy Karim
2201 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
E-mail: mandykarim@gmail.com

When I first decided to undergo dermatology and cosmetology training, I was glad to find Prof. Dr. Ganesh Pai.

Mangalore is not new to me as i graduated from KMC Mangalore. I started corresponding with him and the reply was very prompt. Few more emails to him asking about my doubts and everything was made clear to me.

Coming all the way from Malaysia, I kept on asking myself did I make the right decision. Leaving behind my practice and family was not an easy decision. But after 3 week of training I can proudly say that I made a right choice.

Dr. Ganesh has taught me a lot of new things.........simple and most effective methods of peels and lasers. He also taught me to deal with cases confidently. He has not only been a teacher to me but he was more of a "father figure" advising me ways to succeed in life. He got to know me well and also my nature of practice. He advised me how to implement dermatology and cosmetology into my general practice to make it a complete and a successful one.

He taught me how to become a good doctor to my patients, a good boss to my staffs and a good father to my children.

There were so many things we shared and laughed about and I am really going to miss this wonderful person........ my mentor, Dr. Ganesh Pai. I take this opportunity to thank all the staffs of Derma-Care. They are so dedicated and I was really treated well here. It's amazing to see the way they work and their dedication is unbelievable.

Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Ganesh Pai and his team........MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Dr. Rasool Shaik Mohamed
PUSAT PERUBATAN MENARA SDN. BHD., Level 26, TM Annexe 2, Off Jalan Pantai Baharu 59200 Kuala Lumpur
E-mail: klinikmenara@gmail.com | Phone: 03-22414101

I am writing that my attendance at the wonderful course is certain to have a great impact on my future career and life.

In addition I had an exciting new experience in India. I really did enjoy this short period of time spent working between Derma-Care Centre, family and patients. I really had a wonderful time in Mangalore, which I found to be a safe, attractive and modern city.

I give a thank you to Prof. Ganesh S. Pai for his sustained effort to make me appreciate and understand the different procedures in modern cosmetic dermatology. His experience, knowledge and clinical skills added considerably to the flavor of the course.

The message that I took home with me is one great respect to Prof. Ganesh S. Pai and of love and wonderful memory of all the staff at the Derma-Care Centre. Particularly for Mr. Anil, who tried to make my journey and stay comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

I truly recommend this course to any dermatologist who would like to improve his clinical skill in this field. I intend to use all the knowledge which I gained during my training to help my patients to have better quality of life.

Dr. Nisrin El-Habbash ,Dermatologist
Cardiff, United Kingdom
E-mail: pinkflower_240@yahoo.com

I would like to express my heartiest thanks to Dr. Ganesh S.Pai for being an outstanding teacher in cosmetic dermatology and laser. He taught us different ways to apply chemical peels and laser singly and in combination which is unique for him only. I would also like to thanks the staff of Derma-Care Centre for being so friendly and cooperative.

I believe the knowledge which I have acquired will take me to a new height in my career of dermatology and dermatosurgery in the days to come.

Prof. Dr. Shah Ataur Rahman
Professor of Dermatology, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: dr.sarahman@yahoo.com | Phone: 8801711484385

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai who has taken my knowledge on Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser to a new height. He has taught me how to use different types of chemical peels without causing any complications in our skin type and also innovative ways of using Lasers singly and in combination to get the best possible result. I found Dr. Ganesh S. Pai not only a great teacher but also a great person because of his personality, sense of humour and hospitality. I wish him great success in life for his endeavor to take cosmetic dermatology to a new height. I would also like to thanks the staff of the centre who were so cooperative and friendly. I enjoyed my stay and working in Derma-Care centre which is a learning experience for me all through.

Dr. Rashed Mohammad Khan
Associate Prof. of Dermatology, Sir Sabimullah Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: cityskin@gmail.com | Phone: 88029339887

I would like to express my sincere thanks and grateful to my teacher Dr. Ganesh S. Pai who allows me for the training in dermatology and various dermato-surgery and laser procedures.

It was a great privilege for me to be here with a person who is my role-model personality great human being, doctor and dermatologist. I would like to thank you once again sir for giving me this opportunity. During this period I have learned so many procedures like different types of chemical peels, electro ablation and various types of lasers in cosmetology.

I am also very thankful to all the staff of Derma-CareSM for their support during my stay.

Dr. Dharmendra Karn
Kathmandu, Nepal
E-mail: dddkarn@gmail.com

I have been a trainee of dear and respected Prof. Ganesh Pai (Derma-Care, Mangalore/ INDIA) for the past 3 months. He spends time with me and really listens to my concerns regarding my career. Dr. Pai is honest about what to expect and the best way to achieve what I am looking for.

In addition to cosmetic dermatology training Dr. Pai has advanced experience in general clinical dermatology and in supporting poor patients, he is patient with his patients, trainees and his staff. He has given me excellent advice regarding patient dealing and treating. Really I got much experience in General clinical, interventional and laser dermatology during the past 3 months training course in Derma-Care / Mangalore – INDIA.

I totally trust and respect Professor Pai and hope that I have opportunity to meet him again.

Dr. Hashim Tahir Mawloud
Ministry of health, Krg, Erbil City Iraq

It is not very often in an individual’s life that he or she has the opportunity to understudy under a career professional,visionary and persona such as Prof. Ganesh Pai. I was one such fortunate individual and I had this very opportunity between 1997 and 1999. Prof. Ganesh Pai expected nothing but the very best out of his many students and was equally very exacting when he first started his life’s ambition to create one of the best one stop Derma-Care Centers in the whole of India, if not in South East Asia! And what a master- piece he has created out of his vision! I also consider myself one of the lucky few who actually saw the first days of this well equipped and tastefully designed Clinic he has painstakingly created. Over the years it has evolved in to a world class Derma-Care Centre and in my opinion he has single handedly brought First World Dermatology to the people of South India ( if not wider India! ) and at the same time put Mangalore in the forefront on the world map of Derma-Care!

I wish him very well and hope that if I pursue the same ambitions and the energy that he exudes, year in year out, then maybe someday I hope to create a small part of the magnificence that he has created in Mangalore, here in the East African region where I practice.

Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.

Dr. Ajay V. Patel
Consultant Dermatologist, Pandya Memorial Hospital, Mombasa – Kenya, East Africa.

A comprehensive training program under the tutelage of Prof. Dr. Pai which will help the trainee become well versed with multiple laser platforms and other cosmetic dermatology modalities. I found it particularly helpful to read Sir's book on Complications in Cosmetic Dermatology while undergoing my training at Derma-care. The program also helped me understand how to run an efficient cosmetic dermatology practice and some crucial tips on patient handling and counselling. The equipment is world class and Sir's unique style of teaching, Punctuated with anecdotes, made it a sheer pleasure to learn from him. 

I would advise future trainees to pay attention to every word that is said and every small detail discussed as it will prove to be a blessing in your own practice. I look forward to keep going back to Sir and Derma-care for continued learning.

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude for making me feel welcome throughout my time at your wonderful facility. 

It was amazing to see the coordination amongst all the staff members and how smoothly the entire clinic functions. I feel i will implement a lot of the good practices in my own setup.

It was a privilege to learn from Prof. Dr. Pai and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for teaching me both the science and the art of cosmetic dermatology. 

Dr. Biplav Agarwal

"A good teacher can inspire hope,ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning."

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be trained by  "teacher of teachers" Dr. Ganesh Pai himself !

After finishing M.D.Dermatology, I was in a dilemma..I hail from Delhi and realized that it is difficult to survive there without having knowledge of cosmetology and lasers.So,my search for a comprehensive course in cosmetology and lasers began.. Luckily, I found that Dr.Ganesh Pai's Dermacare is conducting training in lasers and cosmetology.

I have always admired and revered Dr.Ganesh Pai since my postgraduation days and was elated to know that I have the opportunity to learn from a person who is considered best in lasers and cosmetology in India.

Initially I was nervous but to my surprise I found the man of his stature to be extremely friendly,caring,genuinely concerned,very helpful with an awesome sense of humor.He was always ready to patiently answer my innumerable questions. Sir and everyone at Dermacare made me feel comfortable and at home.

I observed and learned various procedures-Art of chemical peeling,new technique-sandwich peel,Electrodessication,comedone extraction,paring,cryotherapy,long pulse Nd YAG laser for warts,electrolysis for white hair,Intralesional steroid injection,Platelet rich plasma therapy for acne scars,post accident scar and androgenetic alopecia,Intralesional steroid injection,Microdermabrasion and many more.

Dermacare is equipped with Best and latest lasers and devices in the world=Helios III (Q switched laser),clear skin,clearlift (Er Glass),Er Pixel,Fractional CO2(Ultrapulse),Long pulse Nd:YAG,Soprano Ice and Primelase-for hair removal,Scarlet (Microneedle RF),RF for skin rejuvenation,Cooltech for body contouring-You name it and Sir has it!

I had the golden opportunity to observe "Master of Lasers"at work and understood why he is called rightly so..

Sitting with Sir during consultations-observing him diagnose,counsel and treat patients and actively participating in consultation process was sheer joy and all I wished then was that if only time could stand still...

Sir is extremely hard working-works tirelessly without break for 9 hours everyday, has a multifaceted personality-is an author of  "Complications in cosmetic dermatology:Crafting cures" and a fiction book,animal lover,avid reader,keen observer,has excellent communication and patient management skills and is a good administrator.I will always remember his advice "Follow your passion and rest all will follow automatically".

I would like to thank Dr. Anusha Pai,who is a 'gem of a person' -very simple,caring,extremely helping and down to earth.She was always ready to help despite her busy schedule.I am gonna miss those endless chatters..I had an immensely good time with her and will always cherish those good memories.

My sincere thanks to Dr.Harsha Pai for his help and kind guidance.

I am also thankful to Dermacare staff - Bhavya,Soumya,Jayalakshmi,Anusha,Supriya,Jenny,Joytsna,Vishalakshi,Nishitha , Mr.Anil,Lokesh,.All of them are very hard working, dedicated, loyal,very friendly and helpful. My special thanks to Mr.Anil who took great pains to get xerox of books I wanted on time.

After doing this course I find myself more confident in dermatology and cosmetology, have learnt many new and latest treatment modalities and various cosmetic procedures. It has helped me find direction in life and understand what is required to set up a good practice. Most importantly, I have formed relationships which I believe will last for a lifetime.

I would like to recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn intricacies of lasers and cosmetology because I believe "To be the best,you have to learn from the best".

Thank you so much Sir..

E-mail: shwetam78654@gmail.com | Phone: 8971243487
Your Student Forever

Derma-care is one of the finest institutions in the country for the latest lasers and procedures in cosmetology. It has been a great privilege to work with the most dynamic Dr. Ganesh Pai sir who is not only “the legend” in lasers but also one of the nicest people I have ever met. Working with Dr. Pai has been one of the greatest honors as his is a personality with so many facets, be it in dermatology, lasers , travel , books , the latest in world politics he knows it all. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Pai sir for being with me and guiding me into the world of cosmetology. It has truly been an experience I will never forget. I would also like to thank Dr.Anusha Pai for making my experience in Mangalore so warm and also helped me learn and relearn what Dr. Pai taught us. Also a big big shout out to the entire team at Derma-care for making Derma-care unforgettable.

Last but not the least thank you Mangalore u have been magical.

Dr. Reshma Meghe
Worli, Mumbai-400025
E-mail: drreshmameghe@gmail.com | Phone: 9619582220


Dr. Ganesh Pai embodies this belief. I take this privileged opportunity to thank him for what has been an enriching and motivating training experience under his venerated guidance. He has some imparted some invaluable knowledge about lasers. Subject apart, there is a lot to learn from the great man. His amicable nature and zeal to provide guidance has made the learning experience an effective and memorable one. Observing his consultation sessions has given me a different insight in the way patients have to be dealt.

At this crucial juncture of my career. I couldn’t have made a better choice to enhance my knowledge about the world of dermatology and lasers.

I owe a special thanks to Dr. Anusha Pai, who was always there to clarify a doubt, give an important tip, or just have casual but insightful chat.

I would be failing in my duties if I don’t thank the staff at DERMA-CARE. Their support has been pivotal to say the least.

I am sure DERMA-CARE skin& cosmetology Centre, which is one of the best in India, especially for lasers, will continue the valuable service it is rendering to the people and wish great success for it.

I am happy that I am going back with some knowledge that will help my career and also learnt a lesson or two about communication skills from Dr. Pai. I thank sir for everything and wish him success and happiness.

Villa no:31, Temple town villas, Vasundhara layout,Chintala chanu, Tirupathi. 517501
E-mail: ngpraneethreddy@gmail.com | Phone: 9885458480

I am very happy to be part of this 2 weeks world class cosmetology clinic. My sincere thanks to wonderful human being Dr. Ganesh Pai. I acknowledge the role of sir, who mould me & help me to find myself in that process.

Today, as I hold my head high. I bow down to the teacher (Sir) who has made me what I am. I would like to sincerely thank you for all the efforts & patience you have shown in transforming me to more responsible & focused person. I shall always remain grateful for all the things. I have learnt from you, be it the dermatology cosmetology or about life in general.

Dr. Ritu Rana Saoji
Saoji Hospital, Nagpur, MAHARASTRA
E-mail: Riturana108@yahoo.com | Phone: 9503032444

I consider myself very lucky to be trained by the legend himself DR.GANESH PAI. Thank you so much sir for this life time opportunity for me this training was like a treasure!

I learned a lot about cosmetology, it’s a completely new world of cosmetology here in DERMA–CARE. Sir taught me about new and easy ways to do Chemical peels, Lasers, how to get rid of acne, acne scar, accident scars, Pigmentation, tattoo, moles, hemangiomas, nevus and Botox, fillers; the correct way to do it and how to manage complications.

DERMA-CARE has the best and the latest lasers like Helios III ,Soprano ice ,Harmony XL-pro. When I came here, I had very little knowledge about lasers, but now I am confident enough to start my own cosmetology centre and it is all because of DR.GANESH PAI.

DR.GANESH PAI is a man of great personality, great sense of humor and also the best teacher. He teaches in such a way that all your basics get clear and at the same time he is very approachable.

Sir taught me how to be a good doctor to my patients and how to enjoy life with work. Apart from being an amazing cosmetologist he is also an amazing fiction writer.(Thank you for the novel sir!)

My very special thanks to DR.ANUSHA for helping me out and making everything so easy for me. I wish I would have spent more time with you Anusha , Love u loads, gonna miss u so much….. but I will meet you ASAP! And this training would have been incomplete without you!

I would also like to thank the loving and caring staff of Derma-care. BHAVYASHREE, SOWMYA, JAYALAKSHMI , ANUSHA , VISHALAKSHI ,SHUBHA,NISHITHA, ANIL and SULOCHANA AUNTY(Thank you for the unlimited coffe, aunty).We all shared a lot of laughter and thank you for the ‘TULU LESSONS’. I pray to almighty god to shower his blessings on DR.GANESH PAI, his family and his staff.

I truly recommend this course for all dermatologists who are interested in cosmetology, and even for those who are not (Derma-care will make you fall in love with cosmetology)

In the end, I just want to say THANK YOU so much, gonna miss everyone. But will be back very soon.

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, DHARAMASHALA,(Himachal Pradesh)
E-mail: drmallikaarora@yahoo.com | Phone: 08629887200

I am delighted to express gratitude to Prof Dr. Ganesh S Pai sir for his valuable guidance and valuable training .

Dr.Pai sir has taken strenuous efforts to teach me throughly. During training sessions he was all time in touch with me and spared his valuable time whenever I needed some clarifications.

During the period of 6 Days programme he trained me for peeling sessions, world class lasers like Q switch, Harmony pixel, Lumenis, Alma soprano Ice for hair removal.

After this course I felt a lot motivated and confident about my Knowledge addition. Specially about his character he is very down to earth and soft spoken person, I did not have any hesitation about asking any difficulty .He is a man of vision about spread of cosmetology dermatology branch at global level.

I really enjoyed training. After this training session my basics and specialty knowledge about cosmetology has gone leaps and bannds. My sincere thanks to him. My Special thanks to Dr. Anusha. She is also very knowledgeable, helping & co-operative .she is very friendly.

It would be incomplete, if I forget my sincere thanks to the staff at the clinic. During the training session all staff, whole Family of Dr.Pai sir helped me enthusiastically. Now I feel it my home in Mangalore .Any time I can drop down hence for my knowledge updation. Again very much sincere thanks to Dr.Pai sir that he taught me procedures of world class standards in a very lucid Way.

MBBS,DGO,Clinical, Cosmetologist laser surgeon, NOW DR.PAI SIR’S STUDENT.
E-mail: PUNE.Drmanisha2910@gmail.com | Phone: 9665123226

I would like to express my most sincere ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Ganesh Pai for training me in a constellation of laser and light based devices at his cosmetic Centre.

Being one of the top faculties in the field, once my application for training was answered affirmatively, there was no looking back.

Spending time with Dr. Pai under his watchful guidance and observing him during his consultation sessions was an immense learning opportunity. This helped me brush my vocal skills and created ideas in my mind.

Apart from being a stalwart in his field, Dr.Pai is one of most naturally eloquent persons you can come across. Having shared his vision for the subject and getting to know the beautiful intricacies of patient management and truly feel privileged.

Lastly, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to Anil, sister Sujatha and the entire staff at Dr. Pai’s clinic for being very supporting.

Indeed, the training experience was life changing and has forged a life-long relation with Dr. Pai.

I wish him a long and healthy life.

Dr. Shaunak Patel
Dermatologist & Cosmetic surgeon
E-mail: shaunakpatelmbbs@yahoo.co.in | Phone: +91-9837250850

I have never written a testimonial before. Theoretically, I should start with expressing my gratitude and thanks but actually every one writes that… and its boring.. In the first place I don’t know how someone as senior as Dr. Pai even took me into intern with him. I am not a dermatologist or even a serious doctor. I am just some who is happy because I finished (managed to!!) my MBBS recently.

I did not even know what it is to become a cosmetologist (That’s what I would like to call myself).

I did not even hear about half the dermatological medical terms till I came here and sat with Dr. Pai day after day hearing new things absorbing like a sponge and asking endless questions and he really explained me everything with a lot of patience and understanding. “Dr. Pai is not someone you just teaches you something. He is someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows”.

I have had a very nice, memorable 3 week stay here. Dr. Pai was absolutely wonderful more of a friend than just a teacher.

And I learned…I actually learned about everything… about cosmetics…about life..!! He guided me patiently repeating and answering all my questions with a smile. And it was a genuine smile. And it light up a room. He is actually a master of simplification.

And I really believe he has given me the courage and the wings to soar to go out there in the world and to become an achiever.

His staff was lovely, warm and ever helpful even going out of their way to help me. I would like to thank -: Suchitra, Sujata, Amita, Soumya Sr, Sowmya Jr, Neetu, Anil, Oliver, Shubha and the rest 3 names which I cannot seem to remember. Its like a big no small happy family.

And I learnt so much about Mangalore. It’s raw sceneric beauty, the gently polite people, the amazing saris (I am bankrupt now!!!) It was all an amazing experience and as I leave I take back beautiful memories with me etched like a picture in the frame of my mind. And this is all thanks to Dr. Ganesh Pai who opened the doors of his world for me and awakened me and Thank you Mangalore.

With lots of love and thanks to everyone

Dr. Kalyanita Sachdev
S-490-A, Greater Kailash – I, New Delhi – 110048
E-mail: drkalyanita@hotmail.com | Phone: 09818680345

I am very grateful to sir and his whole staff for being so kind and helpful to me whenever I wanted help they were there to help me out. About the clinic, it has a very good ambience and a modern set u with all amenities. Dr. Pai’s experience and expertise is felt throughout the set up.

The work force is highly trained and efficient. The reception is friendly and very caring. Overall it has been a thorough and enjoyable training under sir!

The use of lasers and chemical peels in facial scars, acne, skin tightening, psoriasis, vitiligo and hair removal has put me on good stead.

On the whole the experience which I have gathered will help me in my practice. I thank you for everything.

Dr. Meera Rath
Director, Navjeevan Rehab Centre,, 145, Shaheed Nagar, BHUBANESHWAR
E-mail: meera_rath@yahoo.com

‘A good mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, a great teacher inspires’ - William Arthur

I consider myself very lucky to be one among the few to have this opportunity to write this testimonial. Sir, you are a great teacher who has never ceased to amaze me. As I had the immense privilege to have you as my teacher during my post graduation for three years. You pushed me to always think one step ahead.

Training under you here at Derma-Care showed me a complete new world of dermatology, the cosmetology part of it. What I learned from you here is how to make patients feel comfortable that they don’t even realize that they have come with a disease. Your sense of humour sir makes patients feel so much at ease.

I am sure what I have learnt from you sir over these years will be a stepping stone to my future accomplishments. You will always be my “Greatest Teacher”!!

Dr. Anisha Joseph
Skyline Solitaire Apartments, Flat no. 4B, Balakrishna Menon road, Edapally,COCHIN
E-mail: anustarus2000@yahoo.com

I am not sure whether I have enough words to describe my experience at Derma-Care with Dr.Ganesh Pai. It would not be an exaggeration if I say I have never had such a gifted experienced and knowledgeable teacher as Dr. Pai in whole of my life. Even before reaching Derma-Care I was totally impressed with the way sir responded to my emails and calls, it was just the beginning of his promptness and true professionalism that I witnessed throughout my course. I am very grateful to God to show me the correct path and choose this centre for learning. Last few days have made me rich with knowledge and hands on experience in cosmetology with different lasers, peels, botox and fillers when I was a complete zero when I started.

Dr. Pai is such a dynamic person who is very empathetic to patients, his humour sense is infectious; the most surprising thing being his ever present pleasant smile itched on his face even after a very long day with umpteen number of patients and procedures. Hats off to you sir for your solid knowledge in dermatology, your surgical skills, positive attitude to life and above all the way you deal with your patients with utmost care and consideration. I have immensely benefited from the course not just on cosmetology but on basic life skills for a doctor. I must convey my sincere thanks to all the other staff at Derma-Care for their help and support. They have been very considerate and patient. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to get trained in cosmetology. From the bottom of my heart I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai. If I get atleast half the knowledge, skills, efficiency and positive attitude of sir I would consider myself happy and my life fulfilled!!

Dr. Reshmi Gangan
M1052 “Ganges”, Malaparamba Housing Colony, CALICUT – 9
E-mail: reshgang@yahoo.co.in

I thank Dr. Ganesh Pai sir for the excellent training he has given me and boosted my self confidence. My purpose of training was only on laser, but after comng here I had an overall development not only in academics but also as a human being.

I heard sir’s name many times in conferences but I was very impressed by his talk on UltraPulse laser at Hyderabad. Then, I came to know that he trains doctors also. Then, I decided that I should get trained under him as he has the best lasers in India. After so many discussion, I listened to myself and made a good decision to come here otherwise I would have missed a lot of things.

Dr. Ganesh Pai sir is an excellent human being and very efficient in his work. Even though I was very reluctant and had my own doubts, he made me to open up and being relaxed with him. I was amazed to see his high energy levels from 10am to 8pm daily. He taught not only academics but also his trade secrets where every doctor doesn’t reveal.

I would like to thank the staff of Derma-Care who are efficient, loyal and caring and who always were there to help me. The first day I was spell bound to see the activity going on the clinic which I never excepted at this place.

Although I came to learn laser I learnt a lot about the correct technique of chemical peeling and its amazing results. Now, I am very confident in the procedures and eagerly waiting to go and practice whatever I have learned here.

Once again I thank Dr. Ganesh Pai sir and all my best wishes with Derma-Care.

Dr. G. Pallavi Reddy
Puppalguda, Manikanda, R.R. District – 500089, Hyderabad, ANDHRA PRADESH
Phone: 09000969645

All these years, after completion of my medical graduation and postgraduation in “ General Aesthetics and Spa and Body Therapies”, I was in search of A COSMETOLOGY GURU, finally I found Doctor, “Dr. Ganesh Pai”. It is said that if you wish to do and decide to do anything “puri kayanaath use milane ke liye thayar hothi hein” and really same thing has happened. I am highly privileged and obliged to get associated with Pai Sir as his student!!

He is not only my Cosmetology Guru, mentor but he is also a “Great Philosopher with tremendous sense of humour and a guide”. !!

I am extremely grateful to two people, first Dr. Ujwala Patil and Suresh Late from Lumenis who have given me correct advise and introduced me to Dr. Ganesh Pai sir. !!

Derma-Care centre is well equipped. It gave us homely feel and environment. Knowledge brings and decides your destiny and now I am well equipped with knowledge about cosmetology and laser. !!

About Derma-Care staff? Oh my God!!! What an excellent, well behaved, humble and caring staff. Each one of them knows their job very well. They were like family members for us or you can say were one of their family members. !!

“A drop of water in a lake has no identity but if it is on lotus, it shines like pearl” and I want to be like that drop on lotus. I am sure after going to Pune I will surely be able to fulfill my dreams and desire because of Pai sir. !!

This training has channelized my energy and made me focused. Now I know I can achieve my goals in life. !!

“There is no limit to the success that people can achieve while working together if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”. I would always love to be associated with Derma-care, I am quite confident, I will be surely successful in my professional and personal life under the valuable guidance of Pai sir. !!

About Mangalore city and people – “a beautiful city of beautiful people”. !!

Finally – please do take good care of your health because we need you and your guidance Pai sir – 1. Remember “Power Nap” 2. Save Energy (choti mooh badi bath). !!

Thank you and love you sir. !!

I wish great success to Dr. Harsha sir and his Dermatologist wife. !!

Thank you all for everything. !!

Special thanks to – Bhavya, Suchitra, Soumya and Shubha, Sujatha, Neetu, Fathima, Amita, Sumitra. Sulochana & Savita, thank you for keeping our room clean and all your help. !!

Last but not the least Anil – for taking care of water, Xerox etc and Oliver.

Dr. Archana Yogesh Rasane
“Lavender Fields”, Skin-Hair-Body Clinic, Off. No. 524, 5th Floor, Siddahartha Tower. Kothrud, PUNE – 411 029.
E-mail: drrasanes@yahoo.co.in | Phone: 098900 00307 / 020-25459109 | Website: www.lavenderfields.in

I am a gynaecologist by profession practicing in Pune. 7-8 months back a thought of doing cosmetology came to mind. I attended one conference “cosmetology update” in Bombay and heard sir talking about cosmetology. That day only I decided to get trained under him. I sincerely thank sir for giving complete knowledge of cosmetology, all the procedures practically. He is a legend in Cosmetic Dermatology, a good human being and a best teacher. He made us comfortable during our stay. He answered all our queries.

Sir has very excellent clinic setup which does not look like clinic, it’s very comfortable for patients and feels them at home, with all latest laser machines. I think it’s one of best clinic in Mangalore.

Regarding Derma-Care staff, I have no words to express my gratitude for them. All are very caring, supportive excellent and modest. Archana has mentioned about them. I have same feelings like her for them. While going back I am sure I can start cosmetology practice soon, just because of sir’s teaching and even guidance about how to set up practice & marketing. I thank you sir for whatever I have learnt lessons from you, not only in cosmetology, but of life also.

You made us confident.

Thank you “Sir” and thank you all staff of Derma-Care.

Dr.Ujwala Patil
Director Polaris Healthcare Director Revive Medispa, Consultant Gynaecologist, Polaris Healthcare Wakad-Dange, Chowta Road, In front of Nandan-Inspera ,Near Datta Mandir,Wakad, PUNE – 57
E-mail: druspatil@gmail.com | Phone: 9422493975 / 020-60301030 | Website: www.polarishealthcare.in / www.ReviveSpa.in

I am really thankful to God for having blessed me with this golden opportunity to work with Dr. Ganesh S. Pai here in Mangalore.

This legend has put in great efforts to teach me all about chemical peels and lasers within a short span. I was a bit hesitant and scared to do chemical peeling and other cosmetology procedures before I came here.

Right now I am confident enough to do all procedures and handle the complications with ease. One thing which made me feel excited was his unique way of combining different treatment modalities sequentially on table for problems like keloid, acne etc.

Sir is a good administrator with excellent communicative skills. His sense of humour is admirable. He never compromises on buying cheap quality equipments/ products. He has a very good team of dedicated staffs with him. They were very cooperative and made my stay here very comfortable and memorable. This cosmetology course will really be a turning point in my career. I learnt from him that brilliance alone is not enough for a practitioner to excel in his career. Convincing a patient and motivating him/her to undergo a procedure is a difficult task. One needs a lot of experience and great patience for doing that. In these 2 weeks, I have learnt the art of handling patients too, for which I have to say a big thanks to Dr. Ganesh Pai.

The nuances which I have learnt in doing different procedures with definitely help me to have an edge over practitioners in Madurai. Thanks a lot sir, for your valuable guidance.

Dr. Narmadha Devi
129/1B, 4/2, 2A2, Lakshmi Colongy, Katcheri Road, Virudhunagar – 626001.
E-mail: abipraki@yahoo.com| Phone: 9443869089

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ganesh Pai Sir for the 15 days cosmetology training at Derma-Care. He was my ex-professor at KMC, Mangalore. But unfortunately we could not get much of his teaching as he had resigned 6 months after my joining the course. When I was asked by my institution (AIMS. Kochi), where I needed Laser training I had only one name in my mind and it was only Sir because i knew that he is the best man in cosmetology and lasers.

More than learning only lasers, sir also showed us the art of doing many new peels like Mandelic peel, Salicylic and TCA peels which we were afraid to do in our institution. He also taught us certain fine points about peels which would help me in getting better results with peels.

Though one of the greatest dermatologist in the world, he used to patiently hear whatever simple doubts we used to ask him and answer us with all possible explanations. He also makes me feel confident in Pixels Lasers. As a postgraduate we did not have any exposure to lasers in KMC, Mangalore but now I feel I have seen enough procedures to start on with Erbium Yag Laser in our institution too. I also admire my Sir's ability in making new innovations like punch grafting with Erbium Yag laser, using Lasers for debulking keloids prior to cryotherapy and the use of sandwich peels (2 peels together on the same day in the same patient).

All members in this clinic were helpful to us. They were very organised in their work and friendly with us.

On the whole these 15 days was a totally informative and useful session and I could gather many practical tips which would help me in a great way in my life.

Thank you very much sir.

Dr. Joel Kuruvilla P
Assistant Professor, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi
E-mail: dr_p_joelkuruvilla@yahoo.co.in | Phone: 09037270194

When Dr. Joel and I came for a two week stint at Derma-Care, little did I know that we would be experiencing much more than witnessing cosmetology procedures.

I had narrowly missed studying under Dr. Ganesh Pai, as he had left KMC by the time I joined for Post graduation. Nevertheless, listening to the talks he gave in various conferences was enough to make me aware of his vast knowledge and prowess in Dermatology and Cosmetology.

The fortnight that we spent at Derma-Care made me realise what I had missed as a post graduate; here are a few aspects that come to mind when I behold this multi-dimensional Guru.

'TEACHER'- Sir is a teacher par excellence; he assesses us, and in his words of wisdom, gives us pointers in areas where we are lacking.

'WITTY'- Charisma being his middle name, sir has a charming personality in his frankness, and the manner in which he makes the patient comfortable during procedures with spontaneity and humour is nothing short of enchanting.

'WIZARD' – Be it a peel brush or a laser handpiece, he wields it like a wand and creates a magical canvas within the integument frame.... the results that he produces within a matter of days are simply incredible!

And above all 'INSPIRATIONAL' in making us realize our 'frog in the well' status and then driving us to think beyond the mundane and cross the boundaries we had limited ourselves in .......to transcend to a new horizon of possibilities; to have a vision.

This testimonial would be incomplete without a word of gratitude to the staff at Derma-Care, who created on amicable environment for us to learn in.

Thank you for everything, sir. It has been a wonderful learning experience.

Dr. V. Vivek Prabhakar
USHUS', 326 Gandhi Nagar, Vazhuthacaud ,TRIVANDRUM – 695 014
E-mail: vivekp2004@rediffmail.com | Phone: 09446329796

As soon as my post PG bond in Kerala was over, I started surfing the net for places offering dermatosurgery fellowships. I am truly glad that the almighty has directed me to a true teacher who taught me "How to reach for the skies… with my feet planted firmly on the ground" .

An added advantage has been a glimpse into various techniques that sir has perfected over the years. These are techniques that are not described in any textbook of cosmetology, and which in the hands of a lesser man, would have remained a secret, behind the closed doors of a private clinic.

Hats off to you sir for being magnanimous enough to reveal your innovative te4chniques to beginners like me.

The field of cosmetology is one where most established practitioners feel threatened by the newcomers, but sir has been an exception to the rule.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai and his fantastic team for everything they have taught me, the concern and care they have bestowed upon me.

Last but not the least, thank you sir for waving that magical wand of yours on my problematic atopic skin, so that I have a fresh glowing face to start my cosmetology practice with Mangalore has been like a second home to me and I hope to be back soon.

Dr. Bini Chandran
Chandrakanth, West Nada, Guruvayoor, Trichur
E-mail: drbinichandran@yahoo.com | Phone: 0487-225555750 / 09495966145

I wish to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai for his guidance, motivation and advice in various aspects of skin care and cosmetology training.

I had a great time here in Derma-Care, Mangalore. I got the opportunity to know about various types of lasers – Alma Pixel & Erbium, Q-Switched Lasers -1064 & 532, IPL 540/570, Candela 1450 diode laser and Soprano Hair removal laser.

I found Soprano very useful and user friendly machine for people for hair removal. Besides lasers I came to know about different types of chemical peels, fulguration, vitiligo management, skin tightening etc.I had the opportunity to spend one month as a trainee here and now I am confident in doing cosmetological procedures.

The sum and substance of the magnetic personality of Dr. Ganesh S. Pai is his warm candor and absolute dedication in the service of his students. I often enthralled by his gift of the gab and lucid explanation of the various aspects of the science of cosmetology. I am proud to have imbibed from him the art and science of cosmetology, with which I can hope to convert and awkward looking person into a magnificent person, an Apollo in appearance with his lyre and a cupid with his arrow.

Thank you Doctor for your great contribution in widening my horizons in the service of mankind. I extend my thanks to all the staff in Derma-Care who made my training period here useful by giving me all the support. Each and every staff helped me a lot in my training period. I can never forget Bhavya's echoing voice while she talks about different types of lasers. Thankful to Dr. Pavithra for all the help she did for me while I was a trainee here.

Once again I thank you Dr. Ganesh S Pai who allowed me to undergo training in Derma-Care for a period of one month.

Dr. Sreelatha M. Pannakkal
Vylathur, Tirur-676106 Kerala.
E-mail: smpannakkal@gmail.com | Phone: 09400686718 / 0494-2586718

It was a real pleasure working with you as a newly qualified dermatologist. My sincere thanks to you 'sir' for motivating and inspiring me for a bright future ahead.

During this training I not only learnt many cosmetic procedures but also a correct way to do it and manage the complications. I also learnt the art of doing chemical peels which is different from others and is very effective.

You have educated me about the benefits of powerful communication skills in the workplace and in dermatology at large.

Dermatology market is huge and before coming here, I was really confused, 'which laser to buy? What and when to buy? It's a big investment and I am really grateful to him for guiding me and giving me correct advise.

The knowledge you have imparted and the way to commence dermatology and cosmetology practice is really incredible. This experience has left a positive impression and boosted me to start my practice. I would also like to thank derma-care staffs who were very cooperative and friendly.

I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues.

Thank you.

Dr. Mamta Parikh. (MD, DVD)
Plot No-249, Newpower House Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
E-mail: mamtaparikh3@rediffmail.com | Phone: 094141-31569

I would like to express my heartiest thanks to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai for being an outstanding teacher in cosmetic dermatology and laser. Dr. Ganesh S. Pai is also a great person because of his personality, sense of humour and hospitality.

Derma-Care Centre is well equipped and tastefully designed. Accommodation for my stay in Trade Centre itself, made by sir is excellent. Also like to thank the staffs of Derma-Care centre for being so friendly and co-operative.

I believe the knowledge which I have acquired will take me to a new height in my career of dermatology and dermatosurgery in the days to come.

I have clarified all my doubts in dermatology with him. Sir treated me, as a good friend. I love my teacher.

Dr. M. Selva Kumar (MD, DD)
Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu

I first of all express my gratitude and love for Dr. Pai who taught me about practicing cosmetic dermatology and above all the art of practicing. It was a nice experience working with him and learning how to be a person with positive thinking. One lesson one must learn from him is ‘Optimism’ and how to develop a positive set-up of mind. Learning is a continuous process and I think this was a big milestone of my career and you will never regret coming here.

I sincerely thank all the staff, who are so punctual and meticulous in their duty and we need to adopt that in all fields of work.

Hopefully, the centre will continue to flourish to deliver the best in future and Dr. Pai will continue to extend his helping hand to all the trainees in the future. I wish this clinic all glory to success in coming days.

Sir I hope you will always be there, when I need you.

Dr. Surajit Nayak
89, Goutam Nagar, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa

I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai sir, for his valuable guidance, advice, and motivation at every single stage of this training programme. I was totally impressed with the way he shows his theoretical as well as the practical knowledge with young dermatologists. I had a great time here, learning about various lasers, chemical peels and other procedures. I would strongly recommend this training programme at Derma-Care to all young upcoming dermatologists to shape up their career. I appreciate Dr. Ganesh Pai for bringing this state of art and well equipped skin and cosmetology center. I extend my thanks to all staffs at Derma-Care for their wonderful support. Hope to be back soon. I wish this venture a great success.

Dr. Parthiban
8, Bharathi Main Road, N.R.T. Nagar,Theni - 625 531.

Dr. Ganesh S. Pai, the leading cutaneous laser surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist in India has an experience of more than a decade in this field. The training programme conducted in his state of the art laser centre is the best in India where the trainee gets ample experience in almost all the latest laser machines with hands on training in the use of the Candela 1450 Diode Laser, Alma Pixel and Erbium Laser, the 1064/532 Q-Switched laser, the 570/540 IPL lasers and the Soprano Diode laser for hair reduction. Along with this a trainee gets exposure in various Chemical peels, Botox and Fillers. A dermatologist with special interest in laser and dermato surgery should not miss the opportunity to be trained under sir.

Dr. Pai leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the trainee is well equipped at the end of the training period. A brilliant speaker with an amazing sense of humour, the passion he puts into his work is unbelievable. He is a doctor who makes sure that the patient leaves his clinic with a glow on the face and a smile on the lips.

Dr. Ashwathi Prasad

The training under Prof. (Dr.) Ganesh S. Pai gave me a grasp of the emerging and exciting field of cosmetic dermatology. I could learn firsthand different peels, microdermabrasion, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, lasers (hair removal and others), UV therapy, punch grafting and hair analysis etc.

This is my second visit to the centre and so far it had been a wonderful experience.

Dr. Tapas Kumar Kundu
Hooghly, West Bengal

I wish to express my sincere thanks to respected Dr. Ganesh Pai. During this 15 days of training programme with him I not only learnt how to do procedure and therapeutics but how to do it in a right way and different from others and manage complications. Beside all this, main thing that I have learned from him is a positive attitude, distant vision and passion for work, how to run a cosmetology and dermatology clinic as an institute. He taught me what should be my focus and what can I do and add in myself to become successful. Again I express my gratitude to Dr. Pai. This is an opportunity for every dermatologist who is going to start his practice. 15 days with sir can fill them with confidence which is very important for any practitioner.

I want to sincerely thank to all staff for their support. I hope sir, always be there for our guidance and support.

Dr. Alok Sultania
Bilaspur (Chattisgarh), Madhya Pradesh,
Email: draloksultania@gmail.com

First and foremost let me express my heartfelt thanks and profound gratitude to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai who had been instrumental in extending and improving my knowledge to a new height in as far as the field of cosmetic dermatology is concerned.

Cosmetic dermatology is a relative new comer in the stage of medical specialties, but its growth has been highly explosive. In a matter of 15 years there is significant advancement in new informations relating to the art of cosmetic procedures in the field of dermatology. The specialty has gone from fledging group of founding members to the formation of international speciality societies, associations and academies with highly attended meetings and the formation of many international courses, trainings and programmes.

Most of these courses although being high standard, however because of short duration, high cost, hands off and being available far away outside India had never been fruitful for majority of the Indians. Dr. Ganesh S. Pai has fulfilled a longfelt need of a high standard, long duration, hands on and a cost effective cosmetic dermatology course for the doctors seeking for the same atleast from Asia.

Derma-Care Skin and Cosmetology Centre is highly equipped and tastefully designed. Scaling new heights in the art of cosmetic dermatology this centre comprehensively informs medical practitioners of all aspects and approaches of the art of cosmetic procedures offering key updates and invaluable professional guidelines.

Learning is a continuous and neverending process. I owe my three weeks of stay at this centre being a big milestone of my learning curve. I give thank to Prof. Dr. Ganesh S. Pai for his sustained effort to make me appreciate and understand the intricacies of different modern cosmetic procedures.

I shall also take this opportunity particularly to mention about the personality and character of Dr. Ganesh S. Pai. His high standard of ethics, concerned for the patient, desire to share the knowledge with others and hospitality for trainees are enough to speak about his character. Most importantly, it is also worth to mention that Dr. Ganesh S. Pai is in possession of a very precious medicine which in fact very few doctors possess. He has terrific merit in having sense of humour. Adrian Gostick once said, 'Sense of humour is very important in communicating messages, building camaraderie and encouraging creativity in the work place'. This quality has provided Dr. Pai to develop the art of leadership of getting along with the people, of getting things done.

Last but not least of all I would also like to thank all the support staffs of Derma-Care Skin and Cosmetology Centre including nurses, technicians, pharmacist and other caretakers for helping, assisting and supporting me during my period of stay here.

In closing I shall like to leave this place with a footprint of a very special feeling : some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for always and leave foot prints on our hearts. It is difficult ever to forget the days I have passed with Dr Ganesh S. Pai in Mangalore.

I wish him, his family and his co – workers spiritual peace, inner strength and universal joy.

Dr. Avinash Kumar
Consultant Dermatologist, 178, Konark Apartment, Pocket – A4, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi – 19
Email: avinash_kus@yahoo.com

It is very difficult to express in a few pages the experience I have had here. Before coming here, I was, to tell the truth a bit scared about how it will be to work under such a famous and great dermatologist as Prof. Dr. Ganesh Pai. I did search on the net, ask opinions from various dermatologist about where to train and at the end I concluded, if we want to be among the best, we have to train with the best and I found Sir! His reputation goes beyond India, all over the world and I would say he is among the best Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons in India.

From day one Sir never made me feel like a fresh graduate, he included me in various discussions, shared me all procedures even gave me hands on training and made sure that I felt in every way comfortable over here, including my food and accommodation.

Besides the various topics we discussed, what gives Sir an edge above is his foresight. He is very practical, he knows what he wants, he is a good communicator, very kind at heart, generous to his patients and last but not the least has a great personality and looks to match a cosmetic surgeon and a leader. To be frank I don’t want my days over here to end as every day is so relaxed, good work and I am gaining lots of knowledge. Another great quality in Sir is he encourages others to develop. He is happy to see when one of his student does well, and he helps you in which every way possible including sharing his clinical knowledge, how to set up a clinic, also his contacts. To me apart from dermatology I learnt still more here. I found a great motivator, a teacher and friend in Sir, someone whom I can talk about psoriasis as well as about a flashy car and my personal life. I find so much sincerity and genuinety in Sir’s words that I have become a fan of Sir! I find my personality to get so well with Sir’s that I see how good a person Sir is at heart. So for me this relationship doesn’t end here in 2 weeks, its just the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Sir has given me the confidence to start my private practice, also shown me the ways to become a successful practitioner. He has also opened the doors to a great future ahead possibly and made it clear that there is more to dermatology than I thought. I would surely cherish my days here forever and to put it on one line, as I did mentioned to my dad when I spoke to him over the phone "This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, to come here!"

Also a few words about the staff here. All of them have been very courteous and helpful towards me. They have helped me learn many new things and always made me comfortable here. I must mention special thanks to Mr. Anil for whatever help he has done for me here. They all over here have a smiling face and it's the perfect team to start your day! I also thank Dr. Pavithra for clearing my doubts in various stages.

Leadership takes a strong personality with a well developed positive ego. Not so much as a pattern of motives, but a set of traits is crucial to lead self confidence and a high self-esteem is useful, perhaps even essential. That is what is Sir, he is truly a leader!

I thank Sir for everything, wishing Sir greater success in all his future endeavourers, robust health and all the happiness in life.

Dr. Rahul Pillai
Assiatant Professor, CMC, Kochi, Kerala. Office : M.G. Arcade, South Junction Chalakudy, Kerala 680 307
E-mail: rahuloc@yahoo.com | Phone: 09447695955

With his intense knowledge in dermatology; and his dynamic and caring personality, Dr.Ganesh .S. Pai has achieved great respect among the family of Dermatologists both at the national and international levels. Having vast experience in lasers over a period of more than a decade he is now a pioneer in dermato-surgery. His confidence in accurate diagnosis and his skills in managing dermatology cases most efficiently are the touch stones of his success. I wish all the best to our beloved doctor in all his endeavours who has the vision for futuristic dermatology. I am sure we can expect lot more advanced newer technologies in the use of lasers in dermatology in the near future with his excellent innovative ideas.

In addition to Dr.Ganesh .S. Pai, I attribute the success of Derma-care to its most advanced equipments, well trained and dedicated assistants, well equipped operation theatre with strict asepsis , wide and Homely waiting lounge, library, conference hall and well maintained medical records. With all these facilities of highest international quality standards, Derma-care has emerged as one of the best centres for healthy skin in India.

Dr. Umashankar. N's Message (MBBS, MD)
Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India

I owe Prof. Dr. Ganesh S. Pai special thanks for teaching at Derma-Care. I learnt to pursue achievable goals; keep a genuine smile; help patients with their other problems; maintain a youthful spirit and zest; get along with patients from all strata of society; keep cool under pressure; lighten a tense atmosphere of medical problems with humour; forgive the annoyance of difficult patients; co-operate to reap greater rewards and above all have high confidence in our own abilities.

Spending one month at Derma-Care during training transformed me into a complete Dermatologist. His charitable bent of mind made me understand that money isn’t everything because the happiness on the face of the underprivileged patient treated at nominal cost is something that money cannot buy.

(Dr. Sanjay M. Cherian is a consultant at Lakeshore hospital, Kochi. He is a recipient of Dr. B. Sanjeev Rai award for best dissertation (A clinical study of Urticaria) for the year 2001. He is a fourth ranked Tennis player in Kerala state for the year 2007-2008.

Dr. Sanjay .M. Cherian (MBBS, MD)
Consultant Dermatologist, Lakeshore hospital, Kochi, KERALA, India

My sincere thanks to Dr. Ganesh S. Pai for allowing me to train under him. For me this was a dream come true'. When I had asked Dr. Pai 6-8 months back in Ahmedabad if I could train under him I really had no idea that it would be possible. But whenever I asked Dr. Pai for training dates he gave me and after changing dates thrice finally I made it.

He has an excellent set up and very honest, sincere and dedicated staff. All his staff are like him pleasing and hardworking.

I have come mainly to learn peels and office procedures and I am happy to have seen them all. Besides I have also learnt how to grow my practice and to think big.

Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu. S. Shah
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, Bodyline Hospitals
Office : Opp. Annapurna Hall, Nava Vikas Gruh Road ,Nr. Dev Status, Paldi ,Ahmedabad– 7