Hair Removal

Our centre employs a brand new SOPRANO ICE dual wavelength with 810nm and 755nm. 810 nm diode targets the thick hair while 755nm Alex mops up the fine hair. This powerful yet gentle dual technology laser is the first of its kind in India ensuring quick results in hair removal.

The procedure consists of shaving the hair, placing the chilled sapphire tip on the skin and moving the hand piece in symmetrical fashion while triggering the laser with the desired power levels. Higher power is used for fair skinned patients, moderate power for wheat skinned patients and low power for dark skinned patients. Large areas can be treated within short span of time. Post treatment redness will persist for a few minutes. Normally six to twelve sessions are required at monthly intervals to achieve significant reduction in hair growth.

First four sessions are the main sessions while the rest are the mop up sessions. Upto ninety percent reduction in quantity of hair can be achieved.

Post operative care would require avoiding unnecessary sunlight and meticulous use of sunscreen. Patients are advised not to bleach their hair, wax or thread in the monthly intervals between the procedure.